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Callum Golding founded CSP with almost twenty years of IT experience. Over the last ten years his technical expertise has leveraged Microsoft cloud technology and automation to transform businesses into secure, mobile, and modern workplaces. This has helped key stakeholders boost cybersecurity compliance by following Essential Eight and NIST frameworks, and empowered employees to collaborate online securely.


CSP believes that strong lasting relationships are built on trust and integrity and this starts by providing straightforward and honest communication.

We take a very scientific approach that ensures we can respond swiftly but strategically to cybersecurity facts as they emerge and, where necessary, run experiments in a lab environment before deploying changes to production.

The first principle of incident response is ‘First, do no harm’; knee-jerk reactions cause more harm than good and we prefer to be prepared. When it comes to your data, CSP maintains a strong focus on the CIA triad; confidentiality | integrity | availability |

Translate, Integrate, Automate

We believe that translating tech language into plain English is necessary before a business can adopt modern technology, make informed decisions, and educate their core staff. These decisions ultimately help protect your digital assets, as well as your partners, and let you take full advantage of the technology available in a modern IT ecosystem.

Every company wishes to maximize productivity, and this can be increased substantially by leveraging the best in cloud apps. Using automation, and integrating Microsoft’s host of productivity and security solutions, we help save money, reduce admin overhead, and get the return on investment you expect.


Callum Golding | Founder & Security Architect

Callum has 15+ years of experience working in IT. He founded CSP to provide cybersecurity and Microsoft cloud management services to small, medium and large organizations throughout Australia. CSP now delivers a range of “lighthouse” support services and is also a reseller of the world-leading compromise assessment scanner, Thor.  Callum also provides subject matter expertise consulting to organizations across the globe.

Jacinta Ribény | Modern Workplace Manager

Jacinta, is a former elite gymnast and fitness instructor, and the backbone of CSP. She is currently studying Journalism and Creative Writing part-time at Adelaide University, providing admin and marketing support to the CSP team, and looking after her first child. Super woman!

Aldrin Castillo | Technical Support Specialist

Aldrin is CSP’s full time Cybersecurity and Modern Workplace ninja. He has over four years experience providing outstanding support and subject matter expertise for Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Mobile Device Management.

Shivam | Threat hunter & Incident Response SME

Shivam is a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) consultant providing additional threat hunting and incident response services to CSP. He is a Passionate Information Security professional with rich and insightful 10+ years of experience with SOC and threat Hunting. He performs research on Red Team techniques ,threat hunting, and implementing advanced security use cases for proactive defense against cyber threats using Microsoft E5 security suite and KQL Advance Hunting.

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