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Callum Golding founded Cyber Security Provider (CSP) Adelaide in 2020 with almost 20 years of IT experience. He and his wife recently moved interstate from the ACT and are following the same migratory path as his in-laws as they settle into retirement in Adelaide.

Over the past five years Callum’s consultancy has transformed businesses from on-premise IT environments with costly infrastructure and difficult to understand security procedures, to mobile and modern workplaces, building cultures of cyber-aware staff.

He strongly believes that a cultural security mindset is a key ingredient when building strong cyber resilience within an organization. Staff are often excited to learn new information and soon realize just how easy it is to undertake basic precautionary measures to protect themselves as well as sensitive company data. Drawing inspiration from Hans Rosling’s factfulness approach, Callum believes that a world-view based on facts presented in a meaningful way helps guide us through difficult and often complex webs of knowledge. This is especially true when it comes to Cyber Security and the modern world of Cloud.

Callum enjoys the challenge of working with businesses and structures that can vary immensely and finding solutions to fit each unique environment.


First and foremost, a cyber security company must have a strong set of principles by which it stands. CSP takes the IT Hippocratic Oath: ‘First do no harm’. Your business is your bedrock and we appreciate that employees and clients depend upon you. As IT providers we need to balance both security and productivity and clearly communicate what a digital future looks like, and the most cost effective way to get there, with minimal disruption.

Relationships are built on trust and honesty and before a modern and secure IT workplace can be cultivated these values must be established. Feel free to call any time and discuss your requirements with us (08) 6245 2310 or request appraisals from our previous clients. We are not just interested in your IT, we want to know how the parts relate to the whole.

CSP will present you with the latest facts from the cloud & cybersecurity world and happily support your current environment. If your security is lacking due to budgetary constraints or your data and apps live on-premise (non-cloud based) we can still support you and provide a digital roadmap.

If you are migrating to the cloud or already there, then there are some security baselines that CSP consider mandatory in accordance with our professional ethos. For instance, enabling MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) on global administrator and senior management accounts. This is a simple security procedure that can reduce account breaches by 99.9%, still, you wouldn’t believe how many IT companies leave this door, and many others, wide open. CSP will help you close them permanently.

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