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Callum Golding founded CSP with almost twenty years of IT experience. Over the last ten years his work has leveraged Microsoft cloud technology and automation to transform businesses into secure, mobile, and modern workplaces. This has helped key stakeholders boost company culture by adopting secure and more efficient approaches to technology, no matter where they work.


CSP believes that strong lasting relationships are built on trust and integrity which means providing straightforward and honest communication.

We take a scientific approach to our work that ensures we can respond swiftly but strategically to the facts as they emerge and remain agile. The first principle of incident response is ‘First, do no harm’. Knee-jerk reactions cause more harm than good.

With a strong focus on the CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity and availability), we isolate testing in order to learn from trial and error, before deploying security more widely.

Translate, Integrate, Automate

We believe that translating tech language into plain English is necessary before a business can adopt modern technology and make informed decisions. Decisions that will ultimately help protect digital assets, employees and partners, and allow an organization to take full advantage of the technology available in a modern IT ecosystem.

Every company wants to maximize its efficiency while remaining secure, and we help you do this by understanding how to leverage modern technology and automation and integrating Microsoft’s host of productivity and security offerings.

Senior Management

Callum Golding | Founder & Security Architect

Jacinta Ribény | Modern Workplace Manager

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