About Us


Callum Golding founded CSP with almost twenty years of IT experience. Over the past five years his consultancy has transformed businesses from on-premise IT environments with costly and complex infrastructure into secure, mobile, and modern workplaces.


CSP believes that strong lasting relationships are built on trust and integrity and that means providing straightforward honesty to our clients. Once these values are established the journey toward a modern and secure digital workplace can begin.

Our number one aim is to provide your organization with the secure technology needed to actualize its potential. Your business is your bedrock and we appreciate that employees and clients depend upon you. As IT providers we need to balance security, mobility, and productivity, what we like to call the honeycomb. At CSP we have mastered this art using the following approach;

  1. Providing a modern and dynamic technology platform
  2. Clearly communicating what a secure digital future looks like
  3. Outlining the most cost-effective ways to get there

Translate, Integrate, Automate

First and foremost, we believe that translating tech language into plain English is necessary before a business can adopt modern technology and make informed decisions. Decisions that will ultimately help protect digital assets and allow you to take full advantage of the solutions available in a modern IT ecosystem.

Every company wants to maximize its efficiency, and we help you do this by leveraging secure technology and automation and then integrating this throughout a Modern Workplace.

Meet The Team

Callum Golding | Founder

Raymond Hill | Technical Engineer

Jacinta Ribény | Modern Workplace Manager

Denny Yun | Junior Cloud Technician

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