This year Movember is far more personal than usual….

Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men. Movember is working to halve the number of deaths from testicular cancer by 2030. Having recently been diagnosed a few weeks ago at age 34 and undergoing the operation soon thereafter, we were all very happy to discover that it had been caught early. Throughout this period the irony hasn’t escaped us, with the running joke that we outwitted the cancer as my wife Jacinta is already pregnant. The bun in the oven will officially be referred to as Womble, henceforth. For those unfamiliar with the Wombles TV series here’s the classic theme tune:

This is the forth Movember I’ve taken part in over the years and a sincere debt of gratitude is owed to the organization for raising my own awareness and not giving a second thought to seeing a doctor when finding cause for concern. The other moral of the story, and equally as important is as follow; never stop investigating that region while relaxing on the sofa of an evening (or some other appropriate location, perhaps not in front of the in-laws). If your better half objects to those partners in crime receiving an unseemly amount of attention, persist! You never know… it might just save your life!

And finally, one cannot expect others to donate money to a worthy cause without the obligatory Dad joke:

The clinic where I had my recent testicular cancer exam called me and asked, “Did you get our email?” Rather alarmed, I exclaimed, “No! What should I do!?” They replied…
“You better check your junk.”

Thanks in advance for your support