XDR and SIEM are technologies that can help businesses to detect, identify, and understand complex attacks across the attack chain. They make it easier to visualize and analyze patterns of malicious activity across various sources automatically. The solutions also offer a simpler, more visual view of an attack path, which helps fight against attacks that take advantage of today’s diverse, distributed, and complex environments.

Combined with the breadth of Azure Sentinel, AuthenTrend security keys ATKeys will help CSP’s XDR + SIEM and MDR service securely connect to customers’ Azure AD and cloud workspaces, including Azure Security Center, Office 365, and more.

To find out more about how CSP Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service is helping enterprises prevent cyber-attack visit https://www.cspa.com.au/mdr

About AuthenTrend

AuthenTrend, a security key solution provider, applied fingerprint-authentication technology to the FIDO2 security key and is trusted by Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, FIDO, and RSA. ATKeys is compliant with FIDO2/U2F/WebAuthn protocol to replace traditional passwords with public and private-key credentials. Unlike traditional fingerprint devices, AuthenTrend’s patented standalone enrollment technology allows users to enroll fingerprints directly on the ATKey.Card or ATKey.Pro, no app download required. AuthenTrend aspires to replace all passwords with biometrics to help people take back ownership of their credentials: https://www.authentrend.com

About CSP

CSP partners with companies to support them throughout their cloud & mobility journey. We deliver a wide range of services to help configure, manage, and secure your Azure and Microsoft 365 ecosystems. We paint a realistic picture that takes a layered approach to security allowing companies to thrive in a modern and mobile world.

On the security side, we have expertise in provisioning all Microsoft Extended Detection and Response (XDR) products which include; Defender for Endpoints, Defender for Office 365, Defender for Identities, Microsoft Cloud App Security & Azure Defender. On the productivity side, we support solutions like Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, and Mobile Device Management (MDM), which all help an organization actualize the full potential of the Modern Workplace.

Where external collaboration is concerned, we deliver a Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) framework which helps you empower collaboration, classify data, and take measures to ensure Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
For organizations that require a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider our CSP Lighthouse service can meet those needs. This service leverages the power of cloud AI and automation with Azure Sentinel – retaining security alerts long-term as well as 24/7 response and threat hunting.