Microsoft Teams, accelerates productivity through the use of unified communication. It allows users to collaborate, meet, and share in a more open, fluid and modern workspace.

As remote work becomes a necessity for many companies cloud products are becoming essential in order to adapt. One product in particular that is helping customers adapt is video conferencing and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. The app has gained more than 12 million daily users in the two years, a 37.5% jump as working from home is now becoming the new norm.

CSP has helped companies across many different sectors, adopt this communication platform and collaborate securely. The virtue of this product is its ability to seamlessly invite users, customers, and clients that are not Microsoft subscribers (B2B guests) to participate in video conferences and collaborate/co-author documents in real-time. We can also help you embed your Intranet hub site right into your Microsoft Teams experience (see below), giving your staff all the tools and information they need to become the most productive versions of themselves.

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