The Modern Workplace is the technological equivalent of the hexagonal honeycomb. The reason a honeycomb emerges as a hexagon is simply because it’s the most efficient and economical shape found in nature. The Modern Workplace is another sweet spot; one where mobility, security, and productivity, can begin to harmonize. CSP can help shape your business and technology to become more like a hexagon.

Now for the technical stuff! If the following products and names are new to you please don’t worry. After just a few weeks of working with CSP we will have you feeling like Modern Workplace ninja’s (just ask our previous clients) — and you’ll be able to Wow your friends with your new cyber-savvy lingo!

The Modern Workplace, as defined by Microsoft, is Windows 10 plus Microsoft 365 cloud apps combined with zero-trust security. Microsoft 365 comes with the latest productivity tools, enabling users to work wherever they need to, while remaining in a secure and protected state. CSP combines this with Microsoft Defender ATP, Microsoft’s cloud managed EDR (endpoint detection and response) which is now available for SMB, along with Azure Sentinel, Microsoft’s intelligent detection and response system that can ingest and track security event logs across your entire eco-system.

Microsoft Defender ATP is antivirus 2.0 and fundamental for shifting to an assume breach philosophy. When configured correctly with automation and remediation, attack surface reduction rules, and even web content filtering, this system will help build peace of mind into your organization and dramatically reduce your attack surface area. It might also start to become apparent that you no longer need costly firewall infrastructure protecting your perimeter.

The modern workplace includes the following:

note: anything with ATP on the end equals advanced threat protection – these mean some very slick security tools that can be used to protect your staff from adversaries (pre-breach) and detect any uninvited devils in the system using machine-learning, automation, and pro-active ‘hunting’ queries (post-breach).

  • DLP (Data loss prevention) and retention policies
  • Information Protection (encrypt your office documents)
  • Bookings (see the CSP bookings page to get an idea) and Forms
  • Email and Office 365 ATP
  • Microsoft Teams (Unified communication platform)
  • Intune (endpoint management) and MAM (mobile application management i.e BYOD)
  • Azure Activity Directory (directory for users, groups, devices and security permissions)
  • SharePoint (store your files and create fancy intranet and extranet sites)
  • Conditional Access (the holy grail of modern security for building zero trust)
  • Microsoft Defender ATP and Azure Sentinel